Beings: deities, angels, faeries, aliens, totems, elementals...
Theory: philosophies on the nature of the universe
Practice: prayer, meditation, magick, ritual, correspondence charts, tools, etc


Protect the Fairies

Welcome to the section on Beliefs! This is not a place for me to tell you what to do or what to believe, this is a place where I get to tell you what I believe, what I do, and possibly why. So, if you disagree with any of it, simply move along. The one great thing about disagreeing about something is that it helps you get a better sense of what you yourself believe. Diversity gives flavor to the universe and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is a very broad topic and I'm still trying to figure out how to organize all the subtopics in the most efficient way. But once that's settled, this section will have information on deities, angels, faeries, aliens, dreams, reincarnation, karma, reality-creation, prayer, meditation, magick, ritual, correspondences, holidays, invocations, and so on... so far, the Practice page does work! =D

Until next Sabbat (Samhain):

I believe in Aliens I believe in Faeries I believe in Mermaids
I believe in Vampires I believe in Werecreatures I believe in Dragons

I believe in Unicorns






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