Tales of Anime: The Novel!
April 6-8, 2007

...Day 3.5: The Aftermath
CaT got to stay, because a special press Interview/Photo Shoot followed the Autograph/Photo session. I saw video of it later and wow, they were all posing like Charlie’s Angels, Dan was sprawled on the stage, twirling his coat in the air Dante-style, it looked like a really fun time! I still can’t keep a straight face watching the video. CaT was apparently the only one asking questions (including my question for Reuben: “did you feel pressure to emulate DMC1 Dante’s voice?” short answer: “no”) so she got pretty close to the Guests.

Later, when we were all waiting in line for the Closing Ceremonies, Dan even came up to her to... err, I’m not sure why exactly... I was too busy avoiding eye contact and trying to wipe the psychotic grin off my face. Smooth, very smooth.

The Tales of Anime Closing Ceremonies were as hilarious as every other event with the DMC boys. They started off sitting all the way in the back - right across from us, actually. Then the announcer called their names so they stood up, waved to the crowd, and sat back down. The fact that they were supposed to come onstage didn't occur to them until the announcer told them to. So they came up to the stage - up to the stage, not actually on to the stage, lol. They stood off to the side, passing the microphone off until Reuben was forced to speak, and it took Dan two tries to make him realize that he had to actually get on the platform.

This was their first Con, and it was absolutely adorable how clueless they were as to what's expected from Guests. >^.^< The guys did a great job, though. They were raffling away a Wii (wheee!), so Dan and Reuben flaunted it like supermodels:

Behold! A WII!!

When the winning number was called and nobody showed up, they pretended to walk off with it for themselves. Eventually a winner did emerge, but Dan told her she’d have to pry it from their hands. She hit them with her cowboy hat to get them to let go. (Blasphemy!) Since Dan and Reuben were in part judges of the Masquerade and the AMV Contest, they gave away prizes to those they picked, as well. PharCry’s “Awakening” was their top choice out of the AMVs too. Then the Guests left and, well, that’s the last we saw of them.

For the rest of the night I sounded a lot like Pikachu, except instead of saying “pika pika,” my response to everything was “Dan picked me up... *_*” As far as I know (and judging by the jealous comments I occasionally get from those who were present), I am the only one he did that to, and he did it on his own. *_* It makes him the second male not related to me to pick me up... ever.  

I was very, very, very happy. And happier still, in a way, that I didn’t actually get to kiss Reuben. There’s really nothing that can top kissing Reuben as far as physical expression of my obsession with Dante goes. Maybe doing a really racy yaoi skit as Dante and Vergil onstage... but naah, even that can’t outdo Reuben himself. If I ever manage to kiss Reuben, what else would be left for me to do? (kiss Dan?? :D) It would be a dead end, and what fun is that? I say goals are not necessarily meant to be reached, but are meant to drive you to better yourself. So the way I see it, I got the best of both worlds: I passed my Fear test, and I still have a grand, intangible goal to strive for.  

All is right with the world.


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