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Sagittarius Cloth Saints of Sagittarius
This constellation depicts the very atypical centaur Chiron, a renowned teacher who was intelligent and kind. Likewise, the Sagittarius Saints exemplify integrity, compassion, wisdom, and courage. They make remarkable leaders, for their self-sacrificing nature and purity of heart are an inspiration to everyone around them. Aiolos is the Sagittarius Saint of modern times in the original Saint Seiya, while Sisyphus is the Sagittarius Saint of the 18th century in Lost Canvas.

Sagittarius Aiolos
Aiolos had an unblemished reputation
of selflessness and loyalty that all other
Saints sought to emulate. He was even next
in line to become Pope. Then one fine day he
stumbled upon the Pope trying to murder baby 
Athena. In the struggle that followed, Aiolos was  
able to unmask the Pope, and saw that this wasn't  
the Pope at all, but Gemini Saga. He quickly realized  
that Saga had killed the Pope, so he grabbed Athena  
and fled Sanctuary. Saga couldn't let him live after  
that. Acting as the Pope, he branded Aiolos a traitor  
and sent Capricorn Shura to kill him. Shura caught  
up to Aiolos and managed to mortally wound him  
before Aiolos escaped again. With his dying  
breath Aiolos handed the baby to a tourist  
 from Japan and begged him to raise the  
holy child. But Aiolos' loyalty did not end
with his death. His spirit watched over
the goddess and her champions even
from beyond the grave.


Sagittarius Sisyphus
  When Hades stormed Sanctuary, Sisyphus
  was the only Saint able to stand up despite the
enormous pressure of Hades' spell, and let loose
his golden arrow at the god. Hades easily deflected
the arrow, and shot it right back to pierce Sisyphus'
  heart, putting him into a coma in the Dream World. There,
poor gentle Sisyphus was tortured by his own guilt, for he
believed he was the one who triggered the Holy War by separating
Athena from Alone, the boy fated to become Hades' vessel. Athena
used her divine power to enter his nightmare and convinced him that
the Holy War was inevitable. This freed Sisyphus and he came back
stronger than ever. After helping defeat the four dream gods, he
injured his own eyes in a battle against Garuda Aiacos in order to
save the ship of hope. At last the Saints came to the gates of the
Lost Canvas, guarded by Sphinx Pharaoh. He demanded the
heart of a Saint that could balance against the feather of
truth, and since Sisyphus was the most selfless and
loyal, not to mention powerful enough to evade
Pharaoh's trickery, Sisyphus offered
his own and passed the trial.
Sagittarius Techniques
Golden Arrow Golden Arrow*
Sagittarius' most basic attack is shooting his arrow. Although it packs quite a punch on his own, it could also be enhanced by Athena with the ability to harm a god, or by the power of other Gold Saints to break through impregnable walls.
Infinity Break Infinity Break
Sagittarius maximizes his Cosmo and then shoots it out as an infinite number of spiraling light arrows which pierce everything in their path. This attack destroys the army of Horus in Episode G, and is likened to the power of the sun god.
Light Arrows Light Arrows*
Sagittarius can set aside his physical arrows and make ones out of pure Cosmo. Sisyphus shoots a barrage of these to counter Garuda Aiacos' fire arrows when protecting the ship of hope. It seems to be a lesser version of Infinity Break.
Chiron's Light Impulse Chiron's Light Impulse
A golden wind created by the pressure of Sagittarius' Cosmo gathers around him and repels harm. Sisyphus uses it to blow out Garuda Aiacos' wrathful flames and even push back the ship of darkness.
Atomic Thunderbolt Atomic Thunderbolt
Sagittarius concentrates Cosmo into his fist and shoots it out as a stream of electrified energy balls at his opponent.
Group Techniques
Athena Exclamation (Light) Athena Exclamation
The honor code of the Saints dictates that all battles must be one on one, but Athena Exclamation can only be performed by three Saints. It has the force of the Big Bang, and is so overpowered that Athena herself had it banned. However, Saints have been known to use it under extreme circumstances.
Athena Exclamation (Dark)
Supernova Sunlight*
The Zodiac constellations have long bathed in the light of the Sun, and the Gold armors that represent them have absorbed an infinite amount of sunlight. To perform this incredible blast of energy, all the Gold Saints focus their Cosmo into the tip of Sagittarius' arrow, thereby fusing their powers as one.
This attack was used to break through the Wailing Wall by bringing the full intensity of a star into the darkest depths of Hell. Although it is said that Athena Exclamation has the force of the Big Bang, Supernova is undoubtedly more powerful, since it utilizes the combined strength of twelve Gold Saints instead of three. It instantly disintegrates everything in its vicinity, including those who cast it, and sends waves of devastation rippling outwards. 
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Knights of the Zodiac

*This technique does not, as far as I know, have an official name. I just gave it a descriptive name.

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